Hello World!

The Emotivate Project links young people in schools within Taf Ely with each other, and in some cases those outside of the area, through blended learning.

The aim of the Emotivate Project is to bring about social and environmental change through combining e-learning and the arts. We give young people the chance to prove they have something to offer their localities, and not live up to the stereotypes some may hold about adolescence.

The purpose of the project is to bring together young people from different communities who might never meet because of institutionalised schooling. They are then able to share a public art experience that allows them to express their individuality and ability at team working at the same time. The young people who take part will have life-long memories, that they will share with one another in the future when they next meet because of the ‘small world‘ we are all part of. Each project involves the following things to aide Emotivate participants in community transformation through community and electronic arts:

  • Educating young people about the arts and make a visible contribution to the community by improving the local environment
  • Encouraging the use of electronic learning methods
  • Improving cultural, economic and environmental development of the local communities
  • Increasing the social cohesion between the local communities
  • Engaging with local community members and encourage participation in improving the local environment and the local community
  • Engaging with socially excluded people within the community including young offenders and people on probation

Through this project we aim with engagement and participation of community members and professional artists to transform parts of community where vandalism and youth may be common in to one values by all community members.